Suzanne McCahill Perrine

Certified Yoga Health Coach; ERYT-500; YACEP

A few years ago I turned 50, and, like many of us do at these major thresholds, I began to do a serious check in. Am I going in the direction I want to be going? Do I want to be feeling the same way and doing the same thing in a year from now? What about 5 or 10 or 20 years down the line? Sure, I could coast, but I was excited to shift gears and take a new route.

As a young woman, I had a bit of a tumultuous relationship with myself. Negative, sometimes crippling self-talk, battles with my body and image. Then as the years progressed and I started to trust myself a little more, the fights against my body quieted, but there was still something missing.

In 2005 I started practicing yoga, and my life absolutely changed. I was teaching dance and Pilates at the time, but here was something that spoke to my soul and filled me with a new purpose. So, I started adding Yoga classes at the Pilates studio I had opened the same year. It was also around this time I heard of Ayurveda.

Since then, I’ve taken years and years of yoga teacher trainings, have also led teacher trainings to help others to discover their own inner teacher so as to help them get in touch with what they value most in this lifetime.

Eventually, I took a year of Ayurveda training and started putting into place some really basic habits based on the ancient wisdom of yoga and Ayurveda as taught to me by my teacher, Cate Sillman. These habits, after practicing for months and now years, have brought me more vibrancy and ease than I ever would have thought possible in my 50’s. So, now I’m delighted to share this with others.

And so, Embodied Vitality was born. Now as a certified Yoga Health Coach I am absolutely thrilled to bring these teachings to anyone who is willing to learn, who wants more in this lifetime, and who is ready to commit to themselves. I’ve seen people redesign the life that they want, turn their lives around, create lasting relationships, and literally become versions of themselves they only dreamed of.

I want nothing more than to collaborate with folks who want to become part of a dynamic group and who wish to feel more connected to life, honor their true nature, and reclaim their health. Every day I am so grateful and find more joy in life since discovering Yoga, and Ayurveda and sharing it with others.