“Suzanne is amazing! She has a wealth of knowledge and is always so kind, caring, supportive, loving, encouraging and helpful. She is a good role model and talks honestly about how this works for her and when it does not. She is real and reachable.”

- Kajsa

“Suzanne is awesome. She makes you feel like old friends. She is easy to talk to and caring and you feel safe to discuss anything with her – no questions is too dumb to ask. I’m hoping to get my daughter to join the next round!”

– Sue

“Suzanne is an amazing coach! She is a wonderful person, very kind, caring, compassionate and heart-centered. She also knows her stuff! She is very educated, experienced and is able to speak clearly about complicated things from a yoga and Ayurveda and is able to explain them in ways that make sense and are easy to understand. I loved her weekly coaching chats with the group and learned so much from her. I’ve made lasting habit changes in several areas and feel that this experience will have a lifelong impact. It (Embodied Vitality) has changed my life for the better.”

– Susan

“Thank you, Suzanne, for once again leading us lovingly down the road to healthier living. I’m constantly amazed at the energy you invest in helping other people. Just so grateful for the information you share and for your continuation of our connections.”

– Debbie

“I have been in MANY groups over the years but when I enrolled in Embodied Vitality, I had no idea how life-changing it would turn out to be. I was able to make positive changes in my life that I never thought were possible. I was able to form and solidify habits that I was never able to sustain before. I was able to slow down and enjoy the rhythms of nature and it’s fruits. I tried new foods and recipes that were inspired by our live group chats and Facebook page. I was able to heal areas of my mind and body that have been the most stubborn to heal. The excitement, knowledge, and accountability that EV brought has forever shown me a more loving and healthy way to live. I would recommend anyone and EVERYONE to enroll in this course–what you will gain is equivalent to magic! Life will gently, steadily, and positively begin to transition–and then all of a sudden you won’t believe the changes you see and feel–magic! You will begin to look and feel your best inside and out which in turn will radiate into other areas of your life. Life holds new excitement, energy, and possibilities after taking this course. I am forever grateful for EV!!” 

– Aimee

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