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Embodied Vitality Begins February 7, 2023!

a THREE-MONTH transformative Experience

It’s your time to choose. Who do you want to be and how do you want to feel as you take a three-month journey: Rest. Shed. Emerge.

This immersion will support you in designing the life you want through the wisdom of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Habit Evolution. Plus, you’ll get to do this with other like-minded, curious, and embodied beauties!

And, all you need to thrive you already have. I will guide you through every step along your path. How does that sound? 

Past Courses

Fall Reset: Get Centered & Clear

Fall is in the air.

And during this time, as the air begins to get cooler and the wind begins to blow, many of us find that we are feeling unsettled, especially after a busy summer. The intensity of the summer season may still linger, so it’s time to remove the heat, clear out heads, and center ourselves.


Earth, Wind, & Fire: The Elements & You

Join Suzanne McCahill Perrine for this free online talk to talk about how the elements show up in our lives and how we can use this simple understanding as a superpower to create the body, career, and life that we want!


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