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Fall Reset: Get Centered, Get Cleared

Mondays, October 5 – 25

7-8:15 PM ET Online

Fall is in the air.

And during this time, as the air begins to get cooler and the wind begins to blow, many of us find that we are feeling unsettled, especially after a busy summer. The intensity of the summer season may still linger, so it’s time to remove the heat, clear out heads, and center ourselves. During these 3-weeks together, we will transition into the next season feeling grounded and anchored in:

    • our body
    • our mind
    • our heart
    • our home

Give yourself time to move your body, eat nourishing food, gently cleanse the body, breathe deeply, and meditate. Give yourself time to restore.

The new season is a perfect time to make a change and to do a gentle cleanse and reset. Through the practice of the ancient science of Ayurveda, we will look at which healthy habits and foods will give your body what it needs based on the season and individual constitutions by establishing stabilizing and healthy routines and evolving our habits.

Participants will be given various techniques to remove calm the body, improve digestion, and strengthen the immune system.

Please note, this is not about losing weight, though if that is something you are looking for, that can absolutely happen. Many people find they encounter breakthroughs of old habits during seasonal resents and detoxes. This is a time to intentionally shift our energy from the busy energy of summer so we don’t let the cool weather blow us off course as we prepare for the darker and shorter days that lie ahead.


    • 4 live meetings (online 7-8:15 pm ET)
    • 3 recorded teaching videos on various teachings to support your reset
    • printable detox handbook
    • invitation to FB Forum/online discussions
    • This is for those of us who:
    • want to experience ease and steadiness
    • feel ready to create healthier habits
    • want to eat fresh, simple, and nourishing foods
    • experience stiffness or inflammation
    • have trouble sleeping
    • feel overwhelmed or stressed
    • desire a deep pause

Participants will be given various techniques to remove toxins, improve digestion, and strengthen the immune system.

Mondays, October 5-25

7-8:15 pm ET Online

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Earth, Wind & Fire: The Elements & You

Wednesday, September 8

12-1:00 PM ET

The five elements connect us to nature. Humans are wired to be awake to them.

Space – essence
Air – movement
Fire – transformation
Water – cohesion
Earth – matter

Join Suzanne McCahill Perrine for this free online talk to talk about how the elements show up in our lives and how we can use this simple understanding as a superpower to create the body, career, and life that we want!
Wednesday, September 8
12-1:00 p ET


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